Kaggwa Kenneth

 Kaggwa Kenneth is a Ugandan by nationality aged 40. He is a third born of his late mother and father , both of these late parents produced 6 children. Kenneth studied from Primary one until he finished primary level at Malwa primary school and joined secondary school called Kennedy SS, Kenneth joined campus and graduated in a diploma in information technology but in 2011, he tried to join University to study a bachelor’s degree in Education where he studied for two years due to lack of financial support Kenneth didn’t succeed and this is where he made his fiance who is now a late, Patrick Mukajanga Reuben. This fiance by then helped him so much to pass through a lot of challenge, because Kenneth had studied though little, him with his lover decided to establish an association that would gather people ( men and women) who had the same feelings of becoming lesbians and gays like Kenneth and Patrick were, In this, these two plus Arthur Atwine named this Association “ST PAULS VOICE CENTER UGANDA” these three became the founders of Spavoc where they agreed Patrick to be the chairperson, Kaggwa Kenneth the General secretary and Arthur Atwine as its treasurer . when the paper work started, the three agreed to recruit others members where later Ariyo Andrew and others joined the Association. When late Patrick was ordained to a Reverend the Association elected Ariyo Andrew to replace late Patrick as the chairperson. A lot were done in Spavoc as you used to see but Kenneth was under ground pivot for the Association’s work, with the inclusion of initiating the expansion of services to other areas, Kanoni Foundation was also reached at, here good samalitans like Rev Randy in America came in and volunteered to design us a website in names of Spavoc, Junko Shimada from Japan did a lot to see that the Association stands, Roberto Malini from Italy, Susan from America and many others from in the world. On our dismay, the death of Rev Patrick left many allies shocked as you know he died of an accident and Spavoc remained quiet but the rest continued with works of the Association on ground. Kenneth, being ex lover to Patrick, knew what his loved one wanted most like containing to help the needy children in Uganda, he decided though he is a low income earner to see that he walks in objectives of late Patrick that’s why he tried to establish BERARD NURSERY AND PRIMARY SCHOOL in Wakiso District .








パトリック牧師の活動の場所です。 養護施設と学校があります。 彼は、ここで、親がいない子どもたちや、貧しい家庭の子どもたちを指導しています。









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